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10 Different Types of Combs: commonly used in life

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Combs are in use by people dating back to the Stone Age, to tame hair. 

It was a solid tool featuring teeth. 

Initially, the comb was not only for hair straightening or hair care. 

It is the oldest tools that is now in wood and plastic. 

Hair comb types are available in a variety for different purposes, that it includes simple combs to lice combs. 

Here is the history of the existence of combs.


History of hair comb

The oldest tools are the comb unearthed by archaeologists. 

It was in 2500 B.C in Sweden used as a decorative piece. 

The bronze and bone combs were at 1800-500 B.C, and iron in the early Iron Age. 

During the Middle Ages, the wood or bone combs gained popularity.


The belief is the earliest combs were in ivory, bone, and wood, while brass, silver, and tin followed them. 

The origin of combs was in Sweden, but in the Middle Ages combs underwent development. 

Combs of bone or wood came from moose or deer horn. 

Later tortoise shell and horn became the common materials for comb making in the mid-19th century. 

The tortoise shell and horn were easy to heat and it became soft and moldable. 

Thus, on hardening, they retained their shape.

In the 19th century late, celluloid, a plastic material was developed using camphor and nitro-cellulose as main ingredients. 

It changed the history of combs. The expenditure to make combs was less and could be made faster. 

Today different hair comb types are for grooming hair and is useful all over the world.


Advantages of hair comb

Hair comb has plenty of advantages. 

As you comb through the scalp, it encourages blood to rise causing micro-circulation. 

This brings to the surface more nutrients and oxygen, it helps nourishing hair roots and promotion of hair growth.

Combing activates sebaceous glands, the roots producing sebum, the natural oil for your scalp. 

It helps in keeping the hair and scalp moisturized, thereby creates pH balance and coats scalp surface, a must for healthy scalp.

Combing helps removing and loosening dead skin that clogs the scalp pores and blocks the follicles, or causes scalp irritation, affecting growth of hair.


Combing is a must to activate oil glands and to distribute throughout your hair.

It is good to have natural oils. The oils come are natural conditioner coming from sebaceous glands. 

Combing scalp down the hair shaft helps conditioning the whole har. Combining works as a free conditioner.


All- Purpose Comb

 An all-purpose comb proves its name. 

It is in pre-consumer recycled plastic that offers a smooth drag through any hair style. 

Suitable to its name as all-purpose comb, it is appropriate for women, men, and children. 

The material of this hair comb types are extra sturdy. They are good for thick and thin hair people. 

It is suitable for a simple touch-up job to looking great anytime.

The all-purpose combs are available in variety of lengths and colors.

The seven-inch combs are popular as they are longer than combs of other types. 

There are smaller combs, that are sturdy tools and work suitably for many things. 

Yet, these combs are best for home, as they are mostly big in size.

An all-purpose comb features a smooth, scratch-free, round-ended teeth. 

It is apt for hair styling. It is static-free design that easily glides through wet hair. 

It comes in two tooth sizes, allowing space for you to have more control. 

You can choose smaller dressing all-purpose comb for shorter or thin hair styles.

The all-purpose comb with rounded teeth makes this comb scalp-friendly. 

The wide tooth in the comb is perfect to handle detangling post-shower. 

The smaller tooth end easily smoothes hair and knocks out flyaway, offering a uniform look.


Barber Comb

The familiarity of barber combs is more to men than women. 

The barber combs are used to trim and cut the hair. 

The have a wide-tooth and fine-tooth section that allows not to get too close to your head.

The barber combs come with tapered ends. It is wider at an end and serve as a guard. 

They work similar to the electric clippers guards. 

It is not easy to find combs in other types, but one can buy at any reputable beauty supply store.

A barber comb is useful in the clipper as a comb technique that helps to fade and blend haircuts. 

The combs with longer teeth can be useful for longer hair, while the comb with shorter  teeth may be useful for shorter hair. 

The Barber techniques are the scissor over comb style and it encourages hair to grow long and evenly. 

It is suitable for dry and wet hair.


Fine-Tooth Comb

A fine-tooth comb is the right choice to get your hair in place. 

This hair comb types have close teeth and is ideal to give your hair a neat and perfect look. 

For anyone looking for a wide tooth comb, can settle with fine-tooth comb.

They are available in two-in-one regular type fine-tooth comb featuring both, fine and wide tooth. 

These hair combs can be bought from any virtual or physical store.

A fine-tooth comb is wonderful to make you hair look the best. It works instead of brush. 

Having a very thick hair, may not be beneficial with a fine-tooth comb as it does not fit through your tresses, or breaks on using it. 

It causes more loss of hair. Use a wide-tooth hair comb, but in thick manes, take it slowly. It is useful widely to make and braid pony tails.

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Pick Comb

A pick comb comes with a plastic handle and has metal picks. They are skin-friendly design and comfortable to use.

It is good as hair comb and the improved metal teeth help in creating a barber DIY hair style. 

The handles of pick combs are in both, metal or plastic. They also come in varying sizes and colors.

A pick comb helps to lift your hair and is suitable if you like to wear a top look. 

The pick comb has a short handle and wide teeth that you can use it to tease your hair. 

The pick combs are suitable for thick or frizzy hair. Ideal to fit in your purse or pocket.

Pin Tail Comb

Pin tail com is a comb featuring a pointed end and a long handle. 

Such combs are suitable for hair parting and styling. 

It is mostly found in beauty salons.A pin tail comb is the same as a rat tail comb. 

The significant difference is that the handle or the tail is finer and thinner.  

If you wish to part your hair it is perfect to use pin tail.

Pin tail comb is good for men wishing to have straight hair. 

It keeps you from poking your scalp.

If you change your hair color, a very good tool is your pin tail comb. It facilitates precision work. 

It is also the right tool to get a blond streak as your hairstyle. 

There is no need to use rollers, in case you make use of it, the pin tail comb will be helpful in gathering the right hair amount.


Pocket Comb

A pocket comb is a handy tool. It has finer teeth on one side. It serves many purposes. 

People know about pocket comb, especially, boys and men. Pocket combs are small combs fitting right into your pocket. 

It has a fine-tooth and wide-tooth side such that it fits different hair types. 

The main point of their appearance is it is small in size.

The advantage of pocket comb is that it is extra durable. It is safe inside the pocket. 

It comes in affordable to cheap prices. 

It is available in plenty of colors, but mostly men go for black color pocket combs. 

The pocket combs have a standard look. They are small in size. They come in plastic and so are long-lasting. 

It helps when you want to visit someone. You can just give a brush to your hair on the top and present a neat look.


Rake Comb

Rake Comb has a different style of teeth. They appear thick and wide apart, giving an appearance of a rake. 

The rake comb is suitable to straighten your hair, if your hands are a big mess. 

Rake combs are the hair comb types coming with handles and are easy to use anytime you need to comb your hair. 

The rake comb can go through your hair causing minimum hair pain and loss.

Thus, it is less time-consuming and is suitable to try than trying other comb types. 

The rake comb name is suitable as it looks similar to a garden rake. It is helpful to untangle long hair.


Rat Tail Comb

Rat tail combs feature long handle. 

Using the handle to straighten your hair parts is easy. it is because of the thin, long handle. 

The rat tail comb has fine tooth and it suitably works any time you wish to part your hair. 

Satisfied results with your hair is assured. 

The rat tail comb allows you to part your hair on the side or down the middle, using the comb handle. 

You can comb the rest of your hair, as well. 

The Rat tail combs are inexpensive and are easy to find. It is used for everyone, women, children, and men. 

Men can get their hair parts straight or use it to get any part or side.


Teasing comb

Teasing comb is one of the best combs that people having thin-hair will prefer. 

It is a comb that can assure your hair looks fuller. The teasing comb has teeth in varying lengths. 

However, the teasing comb is in plastic or metal. 

The teasing combs appearance is similar to the rat tail comb, such that it has an attached dinner fork. 

Any time you want to add some texture to your hair in some sections, use teasing comb. 

The teasing comb is suitable to take a few hair strands and stye or even to hold them up straight. 

The teasing comb may be run 6 to 10 times on each strand so that you can give each hair section a fluffy look. 

The technique of having long hair and yet giving each section a fuller look is possible with teasing comb. 

Adjust your hair strands and run the teasing comb for a few number of times. It is effective.


Wide-Tooth Comb

Wide-Tooth comb, the name itself gives a clue of its wide teeth. However, it includes fine teeth as well. 

Wide teeth is suitable to get the hair tangles out. Thus it is of immense use in the morning after you get up. 

A wide-tooth comb is the one with spaced apart teeth. Wide tooth combs come in plastic and wood. 

They are available in most stores. Wide-tooth comb allows to get out tangles and to comb hair when it is wet. 

You hair when wet is the time it is vulnerable and weaker. 

Using a wide-tooth comb is possible on the wet hair and it releases the few split ends. 

Wide-tooth combs are useful to comb even through chemicals applied when you are straightening or perming your hair. 

It is because they are gentler on hair. It is inexpensive that each family member can have one separate in your home.


Where to buy hair comb?

Turning your hair naturally into dreadlocks is possible only on combing every day with a hair comb. 

It is the same as you every day brush your teeth. Thus, brush your hair once a day at least. 

It is the basic way of taking good hair care. 

Buying hair comb from nature-friendly products to different types of pocket-friendly pricing combs is available. 

It is easy to maintain the beauty of your hair by combing regularly. 

Even men with beards should use hair combs regularly to maintain their beards texture. 

There are many brands of combs available and also in varieties such as wooden combs, combs for curly hair, wide-toothed combs, men pocket combs, and so on. 

Buying hair comb from a local store or cosmetic store is possible. 

But you can buy it online after reading the user reviews, comparing prices, and checking the ratings. 

Buying online is beneficial as you place order for any comb at any time. 

The online prices are affordable and you get to choose from a variety. Besides, it is delivered at your doorstep.



Hair combs are around for many years. 

The hair comb types, shapes and material are unchanged, but they are now available as flimsy, thin, and also in broad varieties.

Wood combs are an easy choice. It generates less static electricity, has aesthetic presentation value, and immense structural strength. 

Sandalwood is a popular material as it has anti-inflammatory natural and anti-itch properties, besides great smell. 

Even hair dandruff, beard itch and skin psoriasis benefit on using sandalwood comb. 

The pear wood combs are hard and dense. It is also good for users. 

Know the way your hair requires you to comb and prevent damage or breakage. 

Buy from the right sources your comb and ensure a shiny, healthy and tangle-free hair. 

Combing hair twice helps distributing natural oils through the hair scalp.