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Essential Tools for Salons—Hair Coloring Brush

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Hair Color Brush

Applying hair dye upon hair is important for people who wish to keep their youthful appearance intact, and not have the signs of graying apparent on their hair. A hair coloring brush can be very useful in this regard.

What is Hair Coloring Brush?

A hair coloring brush means a tool that is used to apply dye to hair. You can find hair coloring brushes of different types on the market. Each of these allows a more accurate hair dye application, which distributes dye more uniformly all through the hair. This is as opposed to just slathering hair dye with the help of bare hands. The application of hair dye at home can be more professional grade and natural when a hair coloring brush is used.

Hair Coloring Brush Type

Know about the various types of hair brushes that can be found on the market today.

  1. The first type looks just like a paintbrush. It is available in varied sizes, and consists of a long sized handle with the end having a flat shaped brush. Then, the brush is dipped into the dye and individual sections of hair are painted literally with the same. When this kind of brush is used, it is especially essential to have the hair parted and divided into uniform sections for dye application. This can help cover all the important sections and ensure that no area is missed out on.

  2. The second type looks just like a wide-toothed comb, although there is a tank or chamber in the handle to contain the hair dye.When this chamber is given a squeeze, the hair dye is expelled onto the hair through the comb tooth. It is often that this kind of coloring brush is used at home to apply highlights. This one lends a more random and natural look to the streaks inside varied hair pieces.

  3. Finally, there is another kind of brush that seems similar to a hairbrush. It also comprises of a tank where the hair dye can be poured and filled into. Then the brush has to be pulled all through the hair similar to a regular hair brush. It can help color each hair strand with the dye. Although you might need many brush strokes to have the whole head covered by this kind of brush, it can be very efficient in dyeing the entire hair instead of simply adding highlights.

Both types of hair brushes consisting of chambers to add in hair dye can be taken apart for cleaning purposes. Keep in mind that generally it is a bad idea to implement the same brush for the application of dark colored as well as light colored hair dye. Also, you need to follow all the instructions for hair dye application, whether it comes to how much time you need to keep the dye on hair strands or how much needs to be applied. Typically, it is important to keep the hair dye left on the hair roots for more time than over the ends, so as to get a more natural and uniform appearance.