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How a perfect plastic comb was born from Vickkybeauty:Plastic comb production process

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Vicky Beauty is a plastic comb manufacturing and sale Company that specializes in the making of all types of plastic combs."Quality First"It has always been one of the values of vickky beauty company.And the requirement for quality is to make every step of production perfect:

1. How to get the color you want

Pour the pigment and ABS material, mix them together with an automatic mixer, and you can get the ABS material of the specified color.In order to ensure that there is no color difference, we will check whether the color is correct before proceeding to the next step.

Plastic comb

2. How to get the shape you want

Pour the prepared dyed ABS material into the injection molding machine. The injection molding machine is produced according to the previously prepared plastic comb mold.In order to avoid errors in production, we have professional staff to regularly check and debug the injection molding machine during production. Our factory has 12 injection molding machines to meet the needs of various orders.    


3. How to put your logo on the comb

We will have a dedicated machine for printing the logo.In order to ensure that the logo can be maintained in the same position and clear of the comb, each of our products has a corresponding mold to fix the comb, and we will have quality inspection personnel to check the position and clarity of each comb logo to eliminate residuals Defective.

4. How to get a clean comb

Each comb is bound to suffer from dust and plastic particles during the production process. Our customers definitely do not want to get such a product.Before packaging, we will do a comprehensive cleaning of each comb.

5. How to get the packaging you want

Some of our customers want to customize their own packaging, we can certainly meet this demand.When we get the customer's packaging design drawings, we will make a packaging sample for our customers to confirm, and will not start production until the confirmation is completed.However, sometimes the packaging will also have problems with color difference and printing errors. In order to avoid these problems, before starting packaging, our quality inspection personnel will confirm that each batch of packaging has no printing errors or color differences.

As a professional plastic comb supplier, Vickky Beauty provides our customers with high-quality products, which stems from our strict requirements for every step of the production process.