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Vickkybeauty New Products:Mask Series

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Due to the COVID-19,face mask has become a necessity in people's lives.

To remind people to be more fashionable while focusing on health.

Vickkybeauty added new products-Mask.

Washable face mask by Vickkybeauty


Washable face mask can prevent dust, smog and viruses.

Although compared with medical disposable masks, its anti-virus ability is not excellent, but if you add a special filter, you can also prevent most viruses.

Washable face mask have another name is fashion face mask.

Because It can printing any design you like in our face mask.For now vickkybeauty have offered the most amazing washable face mask to its customers across 30 countries.

Eye Mask by Vickkybeauty

Eye mask3

Eye Mask turns out to be very useful when you are traveling.

In a long journey,Eye Mask can give you a relax time.Where ever you are,on Bus,on Plane,On train.