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Shower Cap Wholesale

- Made of high quality plastic, these shower caps are durable and tear-resistant.
- Offers a wide range of different colors and styles to choose from.
- Popular among various different businesses for their reliable and effective shower cap supply.
- Supplies a variety of different medical shower caps that are perfect for a variety of different needs and applications.

One Stop Shower Caps Bulk Wholesale Service

Vickkybeauty is a leading manufacturer of wholesale shower caps in China, known for delivering high-quality products to meet various needs. Our multipurpose plastic hair covers are not only perfect for hair care and coloring but also serve multiple purposes such as styling, sleeping, cooking, dressing, relaxing time, swimming, medical events, and hotel workers. With versatility at the forefront, our shower caps are designed to cater to a wide range of industries and activities. Available in an array of vibrant colors and customizable options, customers can find the perfect shower cap to fit their business requirements.
At Vickkybeauty, we take pride in providing durable and reliable products that offer both practicality and style.
In addition, we can also provide wholesale services of bobby pins, hair clips, hair scrunchies and other hair accessories