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Professional Velcro Hair Rollers Manufacturer

✱ Lift and volume your hair with ease with these easy to use hair rollers.
✱ Choose from a variety of sizes and gauges to suit your needs.
✱ Use these hair rollers without heat for superior lift and volume.
✱ These hair rollers are made from environmentally friendly materials that can be reused many times.
✱ Get great lift and volume with ease with these easy to use hair rollers.

Choose the Velcro Hair Rollers You Want to Wholesale

Vickkybeauty offers you various styles of velcro hair rollers. Click below to see your favorite velcro hair rollers. You can choose the right product according to your preference.
Or you can choose our other hair rollers, such as: self grip roller, soft twist roller, magnetic hair roller, ceramic hair roller, etc.